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From the creators of 12 Stone Toddler


Lucifer's throat, flailing stick arms, comedy lips and tragedy fingers. What kind of music is this?

Beach Boys and Black Sabbath do Bond. Dean Martin arm-wrestling with Sid Vicious at David Lynch's birthday party. Barbershop brothel-core. Doom-wop. Motown mariachi movie metal. Roxotica. We have sousaphone and Moog. Big drums. Bigger singing. Prepare yourself for a daymare.

It's alive! A monster ripped from the brains, throat and fingers of 12 Stone Toddler. A thumping sousaphone heart, a swing beat swagger, a croon-rock cry over skittering Wurlitzers and spaghetti Western guitar. Toddler was the pre-titles cliffhanger. This is scene one.